Fender Super Sonic 22 review


The Supersonic 22 amps represent more than enough flexibility without getting the user bogged down in complexities. It’s a straight ahead tube amp, but with a wide variety of sounds. You can use it at gigs but also in the homestudio for recording, or practice at night.


The Fender Supersonic 22 is a 100% tube amp. As the name suggests it has 22 Watts. The Supersonic we are testing here is the Limited Edition Black/Gold version with black/gold tolex and a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker

Technical Specifications Fender Super Sonic 22 Combo
Number of Channels
Total Power
Preamp Tubes
2 x 12AX7 and 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes
2 x 6V6
2-bands for clean and 3-bands for drive. 2 switches. 2 gain
1 x 1/4"
2 x 1/4"(Speaker)
Effects Loop
17,5" / 44,5 cm
24" / 61,0 cm
8,5" / 21,6 cm
40 lbs / 18,1 kg


Let’s start at the back of the amp. From left to right The Fender Supersonic 22 has the power cable, the fuse, the power- and standby switch. On the right it has a speaker out cable to the internal speaker and a second speaker output for an external speaker cabinet. Then there is the footswitch jacket and at the far right an effects loop. The amp comes with a nice Fencer footswitch. You can switch “vintage of burn”, that is offcourse clean or distortion. You can switch “normal of fat”. That is switching between a normal Fender clean channel comparable with a Fender Blackface / Fender Deluxe amp or the famous Bassman sound. Then there is a “reverb” on or off switch and an “effets” on or off switch.

On the front panel on the far left is the guitar input. Then the volume control for the clean channel. Then you can also switch between “normal of fat”, just as with the footswitch. Then there is a treble and Bass control , so there is no Middletone control. 

Then you can switch channels (clean/distortion) followed bij two gain controls. The Fender Supersonic 22 is different for most Fender amps, because it had two gain controls instead of just one. With the second gain control (Gain 2) you can dial in a more compressed tone that also adds more sustain to the tone. You can combine the two gain controls as you like and you will find an arrange of tones that will juistify the name “Supersonic”.

You can further tweak your tone with the equalizing; Treble/ Bass/ Mid controls. The “burn” channel has it’s own volume control, just like the clean channel. At last there is a Mater Volume control wich is great for combining this with the individual volume controls by every channel so you can play at low volume/ bedroom level with a full sound. Great for recording, wich you will have to do with a microphone. 


This Fender Supersonic 22 has a two tone gold and black tolex with white strips in the tolex. It als has ivory controlls and a vintage Fender logo. On top there is no corner protection. At the bottem side there is one at every corner of the amp. On the back there is a limited edition Fender logo.

Comes with...

  • Footswitch
  • Power cable
  • Amp cover
  • Super Sonic 22 Owner’s manual with suggested control settings (differend languages)
  • Super Sonic 22 Warranty certificate
  • P.O.P. card

Comes without...

  • Top side corner protection